Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lucy Carew

Work exhibited: Performance and video

Lucy did a performance with photography and films: “My work drew upon concepts surrounding traditional female based craft skills. I used the methodology of felting in the form of two performances and an exhibited final product of the performances. The idea was layered upon the exchange of the raw wool, which was obtained from an urban London farm, and the preparation and processes involved in the felting process, which took place in Zagreb. The idea of the felting has a surreal element in its physicality and the methodology. I felted the wool and different fibres such as human hair, plus organic particles which just so happened to get caught up in the process i.e. seeds, dandelions that carried in the wind (as I did the performances in the open air, in a park and at the preview for the show). I displayed it in such a way that the fibres and felted piece took on the behaviour of an organism and parasite, growing out of the gallery walls, taking over the space from tiny corners and crevasse that existed in the walls. Also ideas of repulsion and seduction operated within my concepts for the practice.”