Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lorna Macmillan and Nicholas James Lockyer

Work exhibited: Performance and video

Lorna Macmillan and Nicholas James Lockyer collaborated together to do a performance and a video:
‘The most important thing for me was the opportunity to work with someone else. This is something I have not done since college. At times it was very challenging because although Nick and myself have many similarities within our work, we are also quite different. After establishing that we would both have to get used to coming out of our comfort zones it all began to take shape. We wanted to concentrate on the idea of travelling to a foreign country. We knew it would be a performance piece that we would record. We both have an interest in constructing characters in our work. We started to think about animals that move about, change location and travel. Our final decision was a bird. Our story is of ‘The Lost Bird’ who has migrated to Zagreb and unfortunately got himself into a bit of bother. He is distressed and unable to find his way. He is looking everywhere for help and support from others, much like the way tourists feel when placed in this situation. He is in the quest of something familiar, something that reminds him of home. I am really pleased with the final outcome. I think when watching the video you begin to feel for the bird and even find it moving. I’m glad I experienced working as a collaboration, a fantastic performance from Nick.’