Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Events Team
No. Of volunteers: 19
Volunteer hours: 798
Seminar / lecture student attendance:152
Volunteer hours:758
Total Hours:1546

A total of nineteen people volunteered approximately seven hundred and forty one hours of their time for the site visits. Three of the volunteers were serving internships at the Museum of Installation and the other sixteen were students at London Metropolitan University as part of the City Volunteering programme. The film crews for the site events were staffed entirely by student volunteers who also assisted in the installation of the exhibition at Unit 2 Gallery. Two student volunteers helped in the invigilation of the exhibition. Ten of the nineteen volunteers were male and nine female with a majority age range of between nineteen and twenty-five years of age.
The students were placed in a professional work situation responding to a demanding schedule and given roles of responsibility within an organised team. For many of the volunteers this was their first experience of working as an artist outside of an academic situation. Adopting dual roles as both camera operators and assistants to visually impaired members of the audience was demanding for the volunteers but all involved responded extremely well to the challenge. Audience members were complimentary of the students’ attitude and appreciative of their abilities as guides. A noted increase in students’ confidence and communication skills added to the practical skills acquired whilst working on the project. All of the students were highly appreciative of the careers experience gained and the insight that awareness training had allowed them.
Tutor David Wilkinson commented that the exercise had been a tremendous achievement both practically in terms of the skills and energy required to complete the work, and in terms of raising awareness amongst the student body with regard to the issues addressed.
Students had expressed great pride at having been instrumental in the project. Many stated that working with the audience and consultants had been an inspiring experience for them. The exceptionally high exhibition attendance reflected the great deal of interest generated by the project, students often visiting and revisiting to view all seven hours of video footage, also bringing their friends family and colleagues to the gallery.