Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Architecture Parallax : Visual Crisis: Participants

Alexander Pilis

The Museum of Installation

Project Co-ordinator

Nicolas de Oliveira
Project Administrator
Clare Fitzpatrick
Project Assistance
Evelyne Acker
Rebecca Jennings
Rosa LleĆ³

London Metropolitan University

BA Fine Art Course
Nicola Oxley
Film Crew Co-ordinator
David Wilkinson
(Alumnus) Remi Lamont

Community Outreach
Dawn Shorten
Unit 2 Gallery
Honor Beddard
Student Volunteers
Liza Arifin, Isabella Burr-Evan, Ian Commons, Mathew Fuller, Kaya Jenner, Nick Jones, Pritesh Maisuria, Luke Morgan, Deborah Nutt, Merijn Royaards, Annie Spinster, Neil Stephens, Elsa Tierney, Vinny Konieczny, Joseph Watling.
Event participants Approx 150 students from levels 1, 2 and 3 Fine Art attending seminars lectures and site events as audience participants.

Leon Cole (Alumnus)


June Bretherton Consultancy
June Bretherton
Visual Awareness Consultants
David Whitehead
British Airways London Eye
Creative Perfumers
LABAN International School of Dance
Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret
Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Tate Modern
Olafur Eliasson
Sir John Soane Museum


Malcolm Last, Chassay and Last Architects
Nicolas de Oliveira, M.O.I. and London Metropolitan University
Bob & Roberta Smith, Artist
Gary Staunton, Registered London Taxi Driver
Gerry Tilling, London Metropolitan University
Professor Tom Troscianko, Sussex University
Jeremy Wood, M.O.I and London Metropolitan University

Seminar speakers
Alexander Pilis
Dr Matthew Chalmers
Nicolas de Oliveira

Invited Audiences
London Metropolitan University,
London Kingsway College,
Action for Blind People,

With the support of
Action for Blind People
Canadian High Commission
City Volunteering Higher Education Active Community Fund
European Blind Union
London Metropolitan University
South East London Community Foundation