Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pages: Conversations and Keepsakes

A catalogue and exhibition curated by Nici Oxley and Rosemarie Mc Goldrick, and held at Notice, 171 Deptford High Street, London SE8 from the 7th of June 07.

Pages: Conversations and Keepsakes will be a wide ranging dialogue which explores inspirations and processes in the work of creative practitioners, from within the arts and further afield.
A team of ten researchers from Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design will choose practitioners whose life, work or subject area has inspired their own creative process. These practitioners will be invited to participate in dialogues with the researchers and with each other.
The starting point for these conversations will be a formatted page, on which practitioners are requested to respond to the following:

- How would you describe your work?
- Who has been your main influence?
- If the sky was the limit who would you love to collaborate with?
- Please include a self portrait.
- Please include an image of your studio/workspace or where you sit and contemplate.

The conversations initiated by this process will be used to generate keepsakes: text, images, objects, video and sound recordings etc. These will be archived as pages in the catalogue and on the web, and will form a large part of the content for the gallery exhibition. The archive will be curated by Nici Oxley and Rosemarie Mc Goldrick with the help of the team of researchers. Using a series of notice boards and other display devices, a growing meshwork of connections will be formed between elements, highlighting inherent visual and conceptual themes. The meshwork of responses will expand to encompass the catalogue, gallery, web and performance spaces etc.